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"'Walking or biking through the pouring rain is suddenly not so depressing anymore'"
Rainy Happy People
KLM ingflight magazine - Holland Herald - February 01, 2017
"Compact + lightweight it’s a great travel companion that you can break out and rely on even in the heaviest of downpours."
The people's poncho is stylish, durable and keeps you dry as a bone.
Momentum Mag - December 15, 2016
"this is a great option at a great price. It is also a great purchase if you want to have a poncho around just incase. I will definitely be taking it camping with me, and it now lives in my rucksack so I have it whenever I am out around town on foot or on my Brompton"
The People’s Poncho review
The London Cyclist - September 18, 2016
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