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The Best Cycling Poncho – The People’s Poncho Review

May 16, 2019

If you’re a regular bike commuter you’ll need to figure out how to you’ll go about cycling in the rain. There are a variety of methods to dealing with rain while cycling, but I wanted to try the poncho approach. I began researching rain capes and ponchos hoping to find one that keep me dry and not make me look goofy. I started researching the various poncho’s and rain capes on the market, but settled The People’s Poncho. Their ponchos were stylish, made for cycling, and apparently would keep me dry. The only way to know if it lived up to the hype was to buy one.

I bought the Hardy Navy Poncho from their website for £71.50 GBP which is approximately $94 USD. This included shipping from Germany to California. From the moment I clicked “buy” it took fourteen days for the poncho to arrive on my doorstep. I could have paid extra for faster shipping, but I was in no hurry and could wait. They are clear on the website that it can take extra days to get through customs, and looking at my shipping details it appears that was the case with my poncho.


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The poncho arrives in this nifty, little bag. It has a front pocket to hold things, and a large zipper over the top to get to the poncho. It could be useful for storing your poncho after the rainy months pass or also easy to bring with you for a ride if there’s chance of showers. I read some reviews that people struggled to get the poncho back into the pack, but if you carefully fold your poncho you can easily put it back into this pouch. According to their website the Chinese character, “伞 means to cover, or UMBRELLA and is shaped like an umbrella. Likewise 雨 has 4 rain drops in it and takes the meaning RAIN.”

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