5 reasons to invest in a Brompton

5 reasons to invest in a Brompton

July 12, 2018

I bought my Brompton in 2010, I’d always wanted one but the price made me hesitate. It was never the time, with children, other more important priorities always seemed to arise.

However, tired of what other bikes had to offer, I decided to take the leap. I applied for a small loan and paid it off little by little. It was the smartest purchase I ever made!



My reasons:

  1. You do not know yet how much your life will change. The Brompton is well known and a product people love, but it also gives you freedom, independence and efficiency. You will discover a new way of moving and rediscover your city, its streets, new routes ....
  2. You’ll live a more tranquil life and not get irritated in traffic jams or the crowds of public transport. Whilst pedaling you will clear your head and gain personal balance and health.
  3. You can take it everywhere! It saves space, the folding process is so easy and fast. In a day I Sometimes unfold it 8 times (house, train, work, and return). It never stays outside, I always have it by my side, at work and in café’s and restaurants. It doesn’t take up much space, I can store it in any corner which means it is always secure.
  4. 10/10 for its features: Perfect folding, light, really comfortable and easy to use.
  5. I have had no problems at all. I haven’t heard of anyone with a Brompton that has had any either.

Do you want more reasons?

  1. If you decide you want to sell, they keep their retail value very well. The resale price of a Brompton is always very high.


Brompton, much more than a beautifully designed object:

  • The Brompton has acquired a sort of cult bike status, which leads many people to acquire it for purely aesthetic reasons. I share the idea that well-designed objects deserve recognition and that the value of the aesthetic, accompanied by the amazing functionality, are features that should be fully appreciated.  
  • For me, Bromptons can be compared to Apple laptops: Beautifully designed, a joy to use and perfect functionality.


Rut Vidal


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