Who are we?/About us.

Our story
Welcome to the people’s poncho. Founded in 2016 we take our inspiration from China, where unperturbed by the rainy weather people hop from place to place under the protection of a simple lightweight poncho.
We decided to adopt this democratic, uniform way of doing things and developed a poncho that could suit the needs of people around the world.
After trying material after material, design after design and finally found something we could be proud of, something that would prepare you for any kind of rainy day of adventure.
(Johnny in the Tibetan foothills cycling and dry as a bone with the aid of his poncho)
Our mission
To provide 100% waterproof, affordable and practical and credible protection from the rain
Our brand
雨伞 means 'umbrella' and due to it's initial origin in China we wanted to keep the Chinese heritage. The 伞 in 'the people's poncho' means UMBRELLA and is shaped like an umbrella. Likewise 雨 has 4 rain drops in it and takes the meaning RAIN.
The product
One size, different colours to suit different personalities, 100% waterproof poncho made from Japanese polyester, reflective piping to ensure safety at night and a pocket to store your possessions. All in a dinky bag small enough to travel anywhere.
Keep in touch and remember, next time it rains you may well feel like you're walking on cloud 9.
Iona and Johnny Ratcliffe